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Photo by Howard Meile III

February 12, 2010

Baltimore has been hit with a historical amount of snow, with two storms coming at us bach to back.  We are working to get stories and images, however we are going to wait unit things return to some normal operations.  Fires and Emergency calls have been very challenging, but we have been able to survive.  We will be updating very shortly.

February 3, 2010

FF/PM Dale Evans, A Shift, has decided to move on and transfer to the Oldtown Station, assigned to Engine 6.  Good luck with the new assignment.

 Fort Hollins would like to welcome newly transferred member FPR Christopher Knight.  FPR Knight will be assigned to A Shift.  Again, good luck with the assignment!

December 30, 2009

Box 8-2                   729 N. Carey Street                   

Engine 14 was assigned 2nd on this one (Engine 8 was out re-fueling).  Truck 10 arrived with smoke showing, with Engine 36 right behind them.  Engine 36 was able to make a good knock on the fire, with the crew from 14 placing a back up line in service, mopping up anything 36 did not get, plus found a little bit of fire for themselves.



December 22, 2009


Box 36-8                 2647 Harlem Avenue                        0920 hours

Engine 14 was initially dispatched 4th due on the box, but due to the third Engine response delays, 14 was re-assigned R.I.T.  Engine 36 went on location with a two story middle of the group, with fire showing.  36 was able to get a good attack on the front, but unknowing to them, an occupant had jumped out the second floor rear.  14 went on location and gave incident command a brief size up from the charlie side, with heavy smoke from the second floor, and smoke from the first.  After the size up, 14 went to the front to assume RIT function.  Due to deteriorating conditions, the amount of fire load, and exposure issues, command put 14 to work in the front.  One Firefighter had to be assisted back down a ladder due to the second floor flashing over, briefly engulfing him in fire.  He was able to re-engage and put back to work.  Engine 14 was out for 3 hours, 15 minutes. 

Above photos by Howard Meile III



December 18, 2009

Box 14-12               Pratt and Calhoun Streets                  0254 hours

Engine 14 was dispatched on this box and arrived to find a three story vacant former school, with fire showing.  Fire was contained to the one section of the building.  This building is very large, very "cut up" and could easily present some major problems if the fire had progressed further than it did.  Unit out 2 hours, 30 minutes. 

December 15, 2009

The Members of Fort Hollins would like to thank everyone who braved the cold to come out and support the Rally in front of City Hall calling for a stop to the closings, both permanent and rotating.  We would like to extend an extra Thank You for the support from our Brothers and Sisters from outside the Baltimore City jurisdiction who came in to support us.

December 15, 2009

Box 14-4                 2512 Dulaney Street                          1956 hours

Engine 14 was dispatched first on this box, and went on location with a two story end of group, with smoke showing from the second floor.  Initial reports were that civilians were trapped in the dwelling.  This block of Dulaney Street is very tight, and vehicular access is very difficult.  14 was able to stretch a line to the front and extinguished a fire on the second floor.  As soon as the fire was extinguished, an unconscious occupant was found and removed, then turned over to the Medics on scene.  The occupant later died at the hospital.  With all the recent controversy over manpower closings, this fire was not affected by the closings.

For the news link, click Here

December 14, 2009

Box 58-10               3101 Waterview Avenue                    0806 hours

Engine 14 dispatched on the working fire to assist units on the scene with a "Boat Fire" at a marina, with extension problems to the boats near the one on fire.                               

December 13, 2009

Box 8-8                  1518 Appleton Street                          0342 hours

Engine 14 went on the scene assisting the Third Batalion and units with a smaller fire, out for 45 minutes.

December 11, 2009

Box 36-6                2100 W. Saratoga Street                    1130 hours

This is the second fire for the day shift.  Shortly after clearing the earlier second alarm, Engine 14 was dispatched on this box.  The crew was not resdponding from quarters, but when they made it there, they were able to assist the crews on scene advancing hoselines to control the secon floor fire.

December 11, 2009



Box 55-8                                800 Block W. Ostend Street      0823 hours

This morning a Box was struck out for the 800 block of W. Ostend Street.  Units arrived to find a two story middle of the group, heavily involved, with problems with extension.  Engine 14 went in service leading off from a hydrant, and went to the charlie side.  The crew was able to make it up to the second floor, knocking a lot of fire as they made it up.  This fire quickly escalated, and a second alarm was struck out to bring the fire under control.  Matters were further complicated due to Engine 55 being closed for manpower, delaying the first water on the fire. 


December 10, 2009

Box 14-4                               2231 Christian Street                 0338 hours

Residents in the 2200 block of Christian Street were awakened by the sirens of Fort Hollins to find a two story vacant well involved just after 3 a.m.  The shift on duty was able to make a quick knock on this fire to limit any extension.  Guess there are some happy residents about the station not being closed.


December 9, 2009

Box 20-5                                3128 Presstman Street             0308 hours

Engine 14 was dispatched as R.I.T. on this box, but the assignment soon changed.  This box was struck out while we were on the way back from a box on "Presbury" Street, which turned up nothing.  Apparently there were some issues determining the correct location, which all have been reported in the local news.  Engine 36 pulled up on a two story middle of the group, with fire showing on the second floor.  Engine 36 was able two make an attack, and while making it to the fire, came across a victim.  When the Third Battalion received more reports of civilians missing, he put 14 to work.  Engine 20, with some help from the crews on scene, were able to find a second victim on the second floor.

December 8, 2009

The mayor made a statement excluding Fort Hollins from this round of closures.  WE ARE SAFE FOR NOW!!


Informal notification was made today that the Department, amongst it's budget woes and wisdom, will be closing Fort Hollins for good, as well as two other Truck Companies!  More information to come as it is learned.

November 9, 2009

Box 14-5                     2227 McHenry Street                   0554 hours

Engine 14 rolled up on this one first thing in the morning at shift change, to find a 3 story end of the group, with fire showing from most of the dwelling.  Battalion 3 arrived soon there after and quickly made it a working fire.  Engine 14 was able to make an initial interior attack, making it to the second floor.  Due to heavy fire conditions, and deteriorating building conditions, Battalion 3 sounded an evacuation, and exterior operations were started.  F.P.A. Hoffman, A Shift, received a minor injury but was able to stay on duty.  Unit out 2 hours, 30 minutes.

November 4, 1009

Box 36-1                   2210 Baker Street                        0731 hours

In spite of being assigned to the "Critical Alert" unit for both November and December, we still get to go on the occasional fire.  Units were dispatched to the above address for a report of a dwelling fire.  On arrival, Engine 36 found a 2 story middle of the group, with smoke showing.  Turned out to be a bedroom on the second floor, with extension into the hallway.  Engine 14 covered Engine 52's hydrant, and was able to take a back up line to the second floor.  Most fire had been knocked down by both Engine 36 and Engine 8, so we did not get much work.  Unit out 45 minutes.

October 26, 2009

Box 14-5                  2124 W. Baltimore Street              0938 hours


Engine 14 was on a Medic standby and was able to clear to take this run.  The call was initially dispatched as a tactical assignment (2 Engines, 1 Truck), but was upgraded to a full assignment while units were responding.  Multiple units that would normally be assigned to this Box were out on other runs, or affected by the rotating closures.  Engine 14 went on location with a 2 story middle of the group, with smoke showing from the second floor.  Occupants on scene reported a basement fire, and Engine 14 was able to get in and knock the fire quickly.

Unit out 1 hour, 45 minutes (extended time due to investigation)

10/1/09 - 2nd Alarm is First Due, 200 Block South Bruce Street                        

Box 14-6                  200 S. Bruce St.                            1257 hours

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